Youth Band

Do you like to play music? Come join our band! Youth Band is a Fellowship Small group that meets once a week to eat together and make music. We have singers, guitar players, bassists, drummers, an accordionist, piano players, and more! We get invited to play during worship service, church picnics, and on youth mission trips.

The mission of the TUMC Youth Music Ministry is to provide opportunities for our youth to develop and share their musical gifts in ways that honor and glorify God, to build community through fellowship with their peers and to strengthen relationships with God.

  • We believe that music is a gift and, like all gifts, comes from God.
  • We believe that God desires for us to use and share the gifts we have been given to honor God.
  • We believe that music is a powerful tool in developing individual capabilities, community cohesiveness, spiritual growth, and a personal relationship with God.
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